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BAKEWIZ Digital Kitchen Food Scale with LED Display and Stainless Steel Bowl

SKU: BW6550H

Quick Overview

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Weigh To Perfection! Weight & Volume in One!

The BAKEWIZ Digital Kitchen Food Sale is a game changer in the kitchen. A scale is critical for baking recipes, where measuring dry ingredients by weight is the only way to guarantee accuracy. The BAKEWIZ scale helps to convert the weight of water, oil, flour and milk to display their true volume. It weighs both dry and wet ingredients in the same bowl

The Bakewiz scale can have many applications in cooking, too. Using one to portion burgers or cookie dough, for example, means no more guessing if the patties/cookies are the same size and will thus cook or bake at the same rate.

It even makes cooking and clean-up more efficient, thanks to the help of the “zero/tare” function; with the push of this button, you can reset the displayed weight on the scale to zero/tare to add & weigh more ingredients and cutting down on dirty dishes

Another amazing thing about this weighing scale is that you can use your own container/bowl if you are weighing and mixing larger quantities.

The scale has some interesting features where you can put it into modes, to give you the liquid amount of water, oil, and milk and the number of cups of flour by the amount of weight

This attractive and well-designed scale makes an ideal gift for Christmas or any special occasion for family, friends or anyone who is enthusiastic about cooking/baking.

W: 21cm x D: 29cm (including Handle) x H: 12cm

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Additional Information

Additional Information


  • 1.5L removable dishwasher safe large stainless-steel mixing bowl with approximate measurement markings; measure, mix and pour dry and wet ingredients in the same bowl.
  • Extra Large 1.5L/1500 ml (8.3 inches) detachable stainless-steel weighing and mixing bowl.
  • Measure, mix and pour dry and wet ingredients in the same bowl.
  • Easy-to-read markings inside the bowl measures in 100 ml and 4 oz. increment.
  • The dishwasher safe bowl removes for quick and easy cleaning.
  • It is large enough to hold enough flour, sugar, or other ingredients for a large recipe, without toppling over.
  • You can use the bowl provided or your own container in to weigh ingredients. Use the Tare feature to eliminate the weight of the container.


  • Switches between Metric System and Imperial System.
  • Measuring modes of Pounds, Ounces, Grams by weight, and cups, fluid-ounces and millilitres by volume. 8 volume measuring mode of water, milk, oil, flour and sugar available.
  • Weighing capacity up to 11 lbs / 5 kg with increments 0.1-ounce, 1g or 4ml.


  • Scale Mode – Grams (Metric); lb: oz (Imperial) - In Scale Mode this scale will measure anything up to 11 pounds/ 5kg, in unit of grams, pounds or ounces with the precision of 1 gram or 0.1 ounce.
  • Water Volume - ml (Metric); fl’oz and cups (Imperial)
  • Milk Volume - ml (Metric); fl’oz and cups (Imperial)
  • Oil Volume - ml (Metric); fl’oz and cups (Imperial)
  • Flour Volume - grams (Metric) and cups (Imperial)


  • 37.5x24.5mm LCD with bright blue backlight and big digits for clear readability. Clearly labelled and accessible buttons.


  • Precision Zero/Tare feature instantly eliminates the weight of the container. Use Zero/ Tare feature (Add & Weigh) to reset the display back to zero to weigh multiple ingredients and conveniently mix everything in one bowl.
  • Auto shut off or manual off. The 4-minute auto shut off feature saves your battery life.
  • Low battery / overload indication.
  • 2 pcs 1.8V AAA batteries are included with the scale, for immediate, assembly-free use.


  • The Stainless-Steel Bowl is dishwasher safe. The Scale can be wiped clean with a slightly soft damp cloth.


  • 1-year warranty.
  • Includes Care instructions & User Manual.
Width (cm) 28
Depth (cm) 28
Height (cm) 13
Weight (kg) 0.92