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ELITE CHEF Kitchen Side Mounted Pull-Out Cupboard Organiser


ELITE CHEF Kitchen Pull-Out Cupboard Organiser with Knife Block (30cm cupboard)

ELITE CHEF Kitchen Pull-Out Cupboard Organiser (for 30cm cupboard)


Quick Overview

This product is stocked in our Victorian warehouse.

The ELITE Chef stainless steel pull-out multi-storage organiser is the latest in storage design for modern kitchens. Forget about the old tradition of installing shelves in your under-bench kitchen cupboard - this pull-out unit stores so much more and makes everything convenient and accessible. And its soft-close feature means a gentle push and the pull-out cupboard gently returns and closes by itself.

This unit is constructed in 304 grade polished stainless steel making it a durable and beautiful fixture for your kitchen. Also, unlike some other wire basket pull-out units, where small items cannot stand easily on the wire supports, this unit includes full stainless steel shelf supports in a beautiful soft textured finish that ensure everything stays in place.

Designed for a standard 300mm wide x 500mm deep under bench cupboard. Its total load capacity is 20kg.

Many customers liken the convenience of this innovative product to thier larger pull-out pantry. It is perfect to put near your food preparation area as it can house a chopping board, knives, frequently used utensils, sauces and oils on the top level. The middle and bottom shelves are great for larger cooking items, utensils, scales, measuring cups, crockery - they all become so accessible in a pull-out unit. No more fishing around the back of a cupboard or having to take everything out to access something at the back!

  • Store a variety of cooking items.
  • Soft-closing with a gentle push.
  • Durable 304 grade stainless steel construction.
  • Design for 300mm wide under bench cupboards.
  • Total load capacity of 20kg.


Height 480mm
Width 250mm
Depth 425mm
Cupboard Width Suits standard 300mm wide (external) cupboard
Weight Bearing Capacity 20kg
Composition Stainless Steel
Installation Base Mounted
Warranty 5 Years

W: 19cm x D: 44cm x H: 28cm


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